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Hi everyone,

Once again! Thank you for joining our small community! Do watch out for our news and join our discord as we will be hosting more events!

As we are growing! We are actively recruiting members to our team as moderators! So do welcome our following members that had displayed activeness in the community.

Once again! New rares are released! And I would like to apologise for the very limited amount of this week's limited edition rares. Will be making adjustments to the amount of limited edition next week.

Important: Due to the high amount of users with alt accounts. Will be doing some rebalance! Thus fishing park will only be available only on every Saturday, starting on 25th June 2022. Instead of every weekend.\

Additional info:

  1. The fishing park will still be available every weekend. (will take back what I said previously about only being available on Saturday)
  2. There will no longer be diamonds fishes available (If you are still holding them, they are still available to sell to fishermen for next week)
  3. Diamonds Exchange price obviously will be reduced, instead of 10,000 credits for 1 diamond, it will be 1000 credits for 1 diamond.
  4. AFK diamond will still remain.
  5. The rate of fishing will also be adjusted.
  6. A very small chance and a small amount of diamond will be added to woodcutting, which is only available for VIP.
  7. Don't worry, we will not be adjusting the current amount that you had earned.